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Fire Detection Systems
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HD Fire & Security Holdings have expanded the organisation and is today recognized for their commitment to partnering customers in the management of their projects, from conceptualization to design, installation, commissioning and maintenance.

  1. Design- We have at our disposal product systems and engineering support from both local and international product suppliers by which we can provide the best possible solutions equal to that of international standards. Wherever specialised technology is called for, we liaise closely with the suppliers, firstly on a design basis and then in negotiation, to meet the Client’s requirements. Our approach to Client’s security needs uses loss management principles based on our research into the best solution for the project. This ensures that systems and equipment can be updated and extended to suit changing requirements, with special emphasis on the integrity of the Client’s system against today’s high demands.
  2. Project management- We have the professional and technical skills plus the resources, managerial and project expertise to harness all disciplines required to organize, execute and control a wide variety of multidisciplinary projects.
  3. Installations- Installation department consisting of various teams supported by project managers and supervisors to undertake any installation. We offer flexible support and services throughout the life time of the systems we install and commission. Quality assurance - It is our policy to create conditions for a successful total quality management, by adopting the ISO 9001 requirements as the basic standard for the quality management and quality system requirements. Our quality control processes are reviewed once per year where improvement objectives are set and improvement actions taken using the business targets, assessments, surveys and quality process outcomes as inputs.
  4. Service / Repairs-We have technical response teams available 24 hours for on-site repairs and services. Material and spare stock are maintained at levels which ensure an optimum balance between availability and cost. Both elements are critical to our Clients and are therefore constantly monitored.
  5. Maintenance-We make use of sophisticated testing equipment to provide quality maintenance functions. Operational and availability services are tailored to meet the Clients requirements.
  6. Research / Development- Our field and workshop staff regularly attends training courses in Europe and USA in order to insure that we are on the cutting edge of technology. We are also in constant contact with our local and international supplier to remain abreast of the latest technologies.

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